Be Aware of ID Requirements at Jim Creek and on Naval Station Everett

17 Apr 2017

Security at Jim Creek and on Naval Station Everett require that 2 forms of ID are presented for sponsored patrons who do not have an enhanced WA Driver's License. 

As of 10 Jan 2016, state driver's licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and identification cards from American Samoa are non-compliant with the Real ID Act. Until further notice, individuals presenting credentials from the above states and territory must provide a second form of identification. Exceptions are individuals possessing Washington and Minnesota enhanced driver's licenses which meet Real ID Act requirements. Individuals who provide driver's license from states that do not meet the Real ID Act requirements must provide an additional approved form of ID listed in table 12-1, CNICINST 5530.14A.

For more information, please contact Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area at 425-304-5367.

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