Jim Creek’s Galaxy Training Day

The Force is strong at a Campground not so far, far away!  Join us for Jedi Training camp, build your own lightsaber, crawl your way through the Kyber Crystal Cave and battles against the Sith Lords. At the end of the day you will decide if you’re going to the light side or the dark side. Crafts, activities and a Star Wars movie screening. Come dressed as your favorite character for an all-ages costume contest!

Saturday, Jan. 25
Noon - 4 pm
Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area
(425) 304-5363/5315

Volunteers Needed! Please contact 425-304-5363.

Make your reservation by calling Jim Creek directly at 425-304-5315 or 425-304-5363, or by calling the Community Recreation office at NAVSTA Everett at 425-304-3167.

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